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W.L. Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon; Review

W.L Weller 12 Year; Review

Age: 12 Years Old

90 proof

Distilled at Sazerac/Buffalo Trace 

Frankfort, KY

W.L. Weller Bourbon is the first known Bourbon to use wheat as the secondary ingredient instead of rye. The Weller company owner Pappy Van Winkle contributed assistance and recipes to Makers Mark for their wheated Bourbon. Weller Bourbon is now owned by the Sazerac Company and distilled at Buffalo Trace along with the highly sought after Pappy Van Winkle Wheated Bourbons and Rye.

This Bourbon is dry on the palate with a corn silk flavor present in most Buffalo trace Bourbons and Ryes. The flavor opens up a bit with water unlocking some vanilla and toasted nut flavors. I look forward to the Weller 12 release every year. Buy it if you can find it!

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