Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup; Recipe

I made some changes to this recipe. I’m roasting the the stock ingredients for the stock now

Truality Bar and Grill

Feels like home!

Homemade Roasted Vegetable  Beef Soup

My mother made a version of this when I was a kid growing up on the Northwest Side of Chicago. I can remember coming home after playing out in the snowstorms with frozen limbs to a nice hot bowl of this soup. I took my mothers original recipe and made some changes and additions to come up with my own. One of the changes was to make my own beef stock using beef shank and shin marrow bones. The stock really makes the broth very rich and hearty. I substituted frozen mixed vegetables for fresh and added celery. This is an all day event if you make the stock the same day. This is one of my favorite recipes inspired by my mom.

Ingredients for the stock:

5-6 pounds beef bones (shank, shin bones with marrow, soup bones)

Roasted Ingredients Roasted Ingredients

6 -8 sprigs…

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