Chitown Sliders. A tribute to all night grills; Recipe

Chitown Sliders. A tribute to all night grills; Recipe

Sliders with Duck Fat Fried Potatoes

Sliders with Duck Fat Fried Potatoes

This recipe is dedicated to Julian “Jumpin” Perez, Tim “Spinnin” Schommer, Juan “The Electric E”, Edwin “Bear” Rios and Bo. I will never forget our late night adventures. Love you brothers!

As a young man growing up in Chicago there were two little neighborhood grills that made the best grill top food in the city. Don’s Grill at the corner of Cicero and Belmont and Gossage Grill at Harlem and North Ave. Simply the best greasy cheeseburgers to be had at 4AM or any other part of the day!


1 pound ground beef

8 slider buns

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Worcestershire sauce to taste

Onion powder to taste

2 onions sliced thin

1 stick butter

8 slices American cheese cut in half

sliced pickles



Combine Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and onion powder with ground beef. Form mixture into eight 2 Oz patties and place on foil or baking sheet.

In a saute pan melt a quarter stick of butter and brown the inner sides of the slider buns. That’s both the top and bottoms of the bun but not both sides. I hope that makes sense! Remove buns to a platter or dish.

Using the same saute pan melt half stick of butter and add onions salt and pepper. Cook until soft about 7 minutes. Remove onions to a bowl.

Melt remaining butter and add beef Sliders. Cook for about 3 minutes until browned over medium high heat. Flip sliders and top with a generous amount of onions. By the time you have put onions on all the patties you will need to carefully flip the patties over with onions now being under the sliders. Top with American cheese crossing the halves over the patties as if making an X. Remover sliders using a spatula sliding under the onions and sliders to the buns. Top with a pickle and a small amount of ketchup and mustard. Serve immediately!

Find a comfortable place to pass out because you will be transported to a wonderful happy place. These sliders are one of the tastiest things I’ve ever cooked!



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