Chorizo Breakfast Tacos with Homemade Hot Sauce; Recipe

Chorizo Breakfast Tacos with Homemade Hot Sauce

Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

I love Chorizo con Juevos! There are two main types of Chorizo. Chorizo from Spain is a dry cured sausage and very different from the South American Chorizo sausage most frequently cooked with eggs. Last week my friend “DP” Vasquez told me how good chorizo was in fried potatoes. At the same moment I had an epiphany remembering the failed skillet burritos from McDonald’s. I’m gonna do my own breakfast skillet tacos with homemade hot sauce!


4 Ounces Mexican chorizo

I like this brand because it comes in 3 4oz servings.

I like this brand because it comes in 3 4oz servings.

1 Small red potato cut into half inch pieces

1 Egg scrambled in a bowl

2 Ounces chopped onion

2 Ounces chopped bell pepper

1-2 Ounces olive oil

2 Flour or 4 corn tortillas

Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe

Black pepper to taste

Start the Chorizo and Potatoes at the same time in separate skillets. I use a small non stick pan for the chorizo.

Heat a skillet or non stick pan over medium heat. Add chorizo and cook breaking up the chorizo as it cooks. Remove from heat to add to the cooked potatoes.

Heat a skillet to medium high (just over medium). Add olive oil first then potatoes and season with black pepper. DO NOT ADD SALT; your potatoes will stick if you add salt and there is plenty of salt in the chorizo. Fry potatoes until golden on both sides. Add onions and bell peppers and cover. When onions and bell peppers are almost done add cooked chorizo. Cook covered for several minutes. Add beaten egg to potatoes and cook until the egg is done and incorporated into the potatoes. Serve in warm tortillas. I like to heat my tortillas in a cast iron skillet for about 30 seconds a side. This recipe calls for the use of two burners so the microwave will do just fine.

Top the tacos with some good hot sauce.

Makes 2 Tacos




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