My Top Ten Kitchen Tools For Cooking

Here is a list of my top ten cooking tools. Number ten is not really a cooking tool but it keeps my most important tool in working order.

1: J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife

Without a doubt my chef’s knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. I keep it sharpened as I do all my knifes with my electronic sharpener.

J.A. Henckels Chef's Knife

2: Digital Meat Thermometer

The digital thermometer is the most important thing to use when cooking roasts, whole poultry and measuring the temperatures of liquid or oil. I never go by time when cooking large roasts and poultry. Always use your meat thermometer for perfectly cook meats.

Meat Thermometer

3: Food Processor

I use my Food Processor in place of a Mortar & Pestle or blender. The Food Processor along with it’s attachments slicing and shredding capabilities as well as the chopping and blending functions.

Food Processor

4: Lime Juicer

I never used a lime before until I got one from Patron Tequila. Patron offered them as a holiday gift; employees of The Party Source got the left over lime juicers after the holidays were over. Very useful because I cook with limes all the time.

Lime Juicer

5: Dutch Oven

I love my Dutch Oven! Soups, stocks, Chili, Coq Au Vin and gumbos. There is nothing like a good heavy Dutch Oven. Use on the stove top or in the oven. The thick heavy iron underneath the porcelain retains heat very well. The Dutch oven can also be used as a roast in a pinch.

Dutch Oven

6: Stainless Steal Stock Pot

I use my stock pot for soups, pasta, steaming, and brining.

Stainless Stock Pot

7: Cypress Cutting Board

I bought my cutting board at a Vietnamese grocery and I love it. Very sturdy! Love It!

Cypress Cutting Board

8: Cast Iron Skillet

Every kitchen should have a good Cast Iron Skillet. I cook steaks, breakfast sausage, bacon, burgers and one of my favorites… Fried Potatoes!! The Cast Iron Skillet can also go from stove top to the oven with no problem. The thick iron retains heat very well and is great for browning meat.

9: Porcelain Coated Roasting Pan

I use my Porcelain roast for all my roasts, poultry as well as roasting vegetables.

Porcelain Roaster

10: Electronic Knife Sharpener.

The Knife sharpener made the list because I like my knives sharp. A dull knife is dangerous. If you follow the rules, a sharp knife is safer than a dull one. I sharpen all my knives at least once a week.

Knife Sharpener


Honorable mention: Vacuum Sealer Should have made the list. But I said Top Ten!

Vacuum Sealer


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