Chung KIWHA Restaurant Florence, KY; Review


7800 Commerce Drive Florence

KY 41042

(859) 525-9978

Price: $$$$

Food: Below average quality for Korean

Service: Bad

Attire: Casual




I’ve been wanting to try Chung KIWHA for several years now as Korean food is my absolute favorite. My friend Jacob and I tried them out last night before doing some after Christmas shopping. We were the first patrons of the evening. We were met by the wife of the owner at the door and asked if “we had been there before?” We were informed that it was $30 per person and there was no menu. This was a Korean Barbecue Buffet. The place reeked of nasty charcoal residue and cigarette smoke. It became clear that it was the charcoal smell that made it smell. The charcoal they used had a horrible smell and taste. The buffet consisted of raw meats and fish including , Kalbi, Bul Gogi, Dae Ji Bul Golgi, Chicken Bul Gogi, Spicy Quid, Shrimp, Scallops, Clams and Mussels. There was also a beef broth soup and small amount of not so good Kim Chi. The marinated meats were cut too small and had a lot of gristle and fat. The best of the average bunch was the Kalbi, Chicken and Squid. The marinades were just okay; I expected much better. I believe the customers that think Chung KIWHA is good have not really experienced good Korean food. I was shocked by the behavior of the management when an African American gentlemen came in. He was met with ” We don’t do carry out, $30 per person”! The man was pretty much discouraged from coming in. It was blatant racism and stereotyping. Once again it is confirmed that I have to drive 350 miles to Cho Sun OK in Chicago for good Korean food. Or… Make it myself! I highly recommend avoiding Chung KIWHA.


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2 thoughts on “Chung KIWHA Restaurant Florence, KY; Review

  1. diydumpling December 29, 2012 at 9:41 am Reply

    Is there a contingent of Koreans living in Kentucky––like a “Korea Town” or something? It seems like an interesting place for Koreans to land…

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