Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant Cincinnati Review

Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant

Yum Yum

(513) 721-7705

909 Race Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202


Parking: On street metered

Dress: Casual

Price: $$$$


After some friends personal recommendations and reading some online reviews I decided to try Yum Yum in downtown Cincinnati. I must say my expectations were pretty high as people claimed extremely authentic food coming out of Yum Yum’s Kitchen. Yum Yum is only open from 6PM-9PM. I showed up around 6:30 having to ring a doorbell to a locked door. I was greeted by a very friendly elderly Chinese gentleman. I walked to the dining area to find all the lights off; I was told I would have to eat at the counter because ” we just got here and it was too cold in there”. It was quite cold in there and the man put a portable heater on the counter next to me. Wow, really!!! Okay, no worries. The menu was quite small with only four chicken, four beef, four pork and four seafood dishes. Entrees were quite expensive costing from $12 to $14. I must admit I was encouraged by the simplicity of the menu and shabby look of the restaurant; this is what I usually look for in restaurants. I ordered Egg Rolls, Yum Yum Chicken Ding Dong and Aromatic Beef. The Egg Rolls were very good and home made; maybe some of the best I’ve had. The entrees were a different story heavily flavored with beef and chicken base thickened to a jelly like consistency with corn starch. I was very disappointed with the food but really liked the old guy serving me who had to nearly 80 years old. My bill with tip was $40. I will not be going back to Yum Yum and have to give them a grade of “D” only because the Egg Rolls were awesome. I had high expectations for Yum Yum but they were a huge disappointment.


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