Things I Hate About Going Grocery Shopping.

I hate when people are crossing in front of your car taking their sweet time because they know your waiting. Then the same people walk in the very middle of the lanes so we can’t get to our parking space until they remember where the hell they parked.

I hate always getting the “Retarded Cart”. You know; the cart with one wiggly wheel that pulls to the left and has a groove cut out of one the wheels making it thump all over the store.

I hate when the girl scout’s mothers and fathers block the entrance to intimidate you into buying cookies from their kids so the can win the grand prize.

I hate when parents let their kids run wild or push the cart into my ankles. Keep those little bastards on a short leash.

I hate when the heroin addicts try to hit me up for money with the most unbelievably tragic story of needing gas money to go visit their dying family member in Lexington.

I hate when people push their cart through the store like they’re the only ones in the store. They stop right in the middle of the isle and search while we wait. All you have to do is move it to the left or right. They know you’re there too, it’s like they do it on purpose.

I hate when people don’t start looking for what kind of lunch meat or cheese they want from the deli counter until their number is called. You just stood there for ten minutes and you still don’t know what you want!

I hate when someone tries to steer me into a small line. No thanks, I’ll choose my own line. A line with no people doing the following.

I hate when people pay with a check at the grocery store. It takes like five minutes longer, they wait until they’re told a total before they even start looking for their checkbook in their huge freakin purse. What could be so important to carry with you that you need a purse you could fit a Volkswagen in? Same thing with all those extreme couponers with 2000 coupons for shit nobody buys in the first place. Oh, and let’s not forget the welfare people buying all their food with WIC and then buy 2 cartons of cigarettes and beer with cash. Here’s a tip. If your paying with a check, have 2000 coupons or on welfare (paying for food with our tax dollars); Have all that shit ready to go or get a freakin debit card.

It’s called being considerate people! It’s not that hard, all you have to do is not just care about yourself.


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3 thoughts on “Things I Hate About Going Grocery Shopping.

  1. Andy Arciga October 31, 2012 at 5:34 pm Reply

    I hate it when people wait until they get their total and then open their purse and start counting change.

  2. Anonymous November 27, 2012 at 9:08 am Reply

    In general I don’t mind going grocery shopping, but specifically I hate going to Kroger. You have to wander the parking lot to find a grocery cart (usually with square wheels); they are always out of at least one of the major items I am shopping for, especially if it is in their weekly ad; try to force you use the U Check It lines by only having one or two cashiers on duty; and seem to go out of their way to hire the slowest, rudest cashiers available.

  3. Jimmie March 9, 2013 at 8:06 am Reply

    I love going to the grocery store! I think of it as a mission and I use all my training to make it out alive. My view may however be slanted because I have “skills” that the average shopper does not. Its a game of sorts, a challenge to get in and get out alive! I have the same frustrations as you Eric but I look at it a little differently. I do like running into people I know and saying hi also.

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