Nuevo Leon Restaurant Chicago Review

Nuevo Léon Mexican Restaurant.

The new and improved sign and makeover.

1515 West 18th Street

Chicago, IL 60608

(312) 421-1517

Located on the near south side just east of Ashland Ave

Price $$$$

Food: Excellent

Service: Excellent

Attire: Casual


I first went to Nuevo Leon about 28 years ago with my parents. I was 15 and absolutely loved Mexican Food.  As we were walking in some gangbangers were flashing me signs and talkin all kinds of shit. I learned real quick how to survive on the streets with the gangbangers. Neutrality, and of course packing a Glock 19 when I was old enough! The neighborhood has changed since then but Nuevo Leon remains with the same quality and authenticity.

Nuevo Leon is nothing fancy and the food is very affordable. I was there recently with my buddy Paul and we ate until we were stuffed with our entire bill with three entrees being about $30. I ordered my favorite dish Pollo en Mole ($8)

Pollo en Mole

I also ordered the fried pork tacos that you can order ala carte but I don’t see them on their website menu. I don’t remember the third dish we ordered but I’m sure it was amazing. When you arrive at the tables there is a bowl of condiments including salsa and carrots & jalapenos. I love the carrots and jalapenos so much I make about ten pounds worth over the summer using my garden jalapenos. It was a very busy Friday lunch the day we went so the servers brought us some taquitos (small corn tacos rolled and fried) on the house. Now that’s service!  I always get Horchata to drink, a sweet rice water with cinnamon. All the dishes are quite large and satisfying. The authenticity and quality of Nuevo Leon is very high making them one the best restaurants in Chicago. Nuevo Leon’s menu is extensive and not fully represented on their website.  Aside from the food I had in Guadalajara and Oaxaca, this is the best Mexican food I have had with a price you can’t beat.


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