CUBAO #5 Maduro

I sat down to smoke the Cubao Maduro #5 on one of the most beautiful evenings In mid October one can wish for. I was sitting by a fire and my drink of choice was Old Forrester 86 proof on the rocks. The Cubao Maduro is not the darkest Maduro I’ve seen but is packed full or richness. Construction was firm and the pre-light draw was stiff yet consistent with Pepin made Cigars.

As with the Cubao Sumatra Oscuro, the Maduro started big and spicy but mellowed toward the middle half of the smoke. This works for me because the ice in my Bourbon had not melted yet, leaving a richer caramel flavor to stand up to the spice. The draw was near perfect; on the stiffer side. Loose drawing cigars for me tend to heat up quickly and enhance bitter and dry flavors which I do not enjoy. The ash was dark grey with dark black rings, it held very well.

The second half of the Cubao Maduro was exceptional, medium to full body with toasted nut flavors with a bit of sweetness offered up most certainly by the Maduro Wrapper. I smoked the Cubao Maduro down to the nub until it started getting too hot; of course it got a little bitter towards the end letting me know it was over.

Overall I loved this cigar; however, the Cubao Maduro will get better with several more months of age on them. Don’t put them down too long though; you’ll miss out on all the powerful flavors the blender intended for you.

I highly recommend the Cubao Maduro, another great offering from our friends Erik Espinosa and Eddie Ortega of EO Brands.


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