Chorizo con Huevos Mexican Breakfast

Chorizo con Huevos! MMMMMM!

Chorizo con Huevos; Scrambled eggs with Mexican Sausage

Breakfast couldn’t be any easier! There are two main types of Chorizo; European and Latin American. In Mexico Chorizo is uncooked and cased like a sausage. In Europe Chorizo is a hard smoked sausage. We are using the Mexican style here, fragrant and mildly spicy with clove and chilies.


I like this brand because it comes in 3 4oz servings.

4-6corn tortillas

4-oz Mexican Chorizo

2-3 scrambled eggs

Mexican hot sauce


Fry Chorizo over medium heat until fully cooked breaking it up with spatula. Add beaten eggs or scramble eggs in pan with Chorizo.

Microwave 4-6 corn tortillas wrapped in a paper towel for 45-60 seconds.

Use two tortillas for each taco and top with the salsa of your choice. I think it took me about 10 minutes to make this, maybe less.



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One thought on “Chorizo con Huevos Mexican Breakfast

  1. Ryan October 23, 2012 at 11:14 am Reply

    Now that looks AWESOME! Turn up the heat!

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