King Wok Cincinnati, Restaurant Review

Beef with Little Chili, one of my favorites on the menu!

King Wok (Chinese & Seafood) (513) 723-1999

Clifton UC

203 West McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Price $$$$

Dress casual



I found King Wok by following my nose across the street from another Chinese Restaurant that is not bad either (Red Pepper). King Wok is located in the Clifton area of Cincinnati very close to the University of Cincinnati campus. King Wok has about 15 tables, not very big! The staff is pleasant and welcoming with the service being about average. I think we get a little better service since we go there once a week. Recently there was a brand new waiter there that answered his cell phone while holding my food in his hand. The other waiter took my plate out of his hand and kind of smiled as if to say he was sorry. The new waiter was an older Chinese guy, he may need some customer service training.

The food at King Wok is good and some of the best in Cincinnati. The American Chinese menu, as I call it, is pretty good. King Wok’s Egg Rolls are delicious and always come out piping hot. I really like the Egg Rolls because they are not packed with MSG and cinnamon. The spring onion pancakes are not very good and probably the only thing I’ve tried that was bad. The fried and steamed pork dumplings are fabulous; I’ve made a meal out of two orders of them before. Make sure you ask for the Hot Chili Oil with the dumplings, it sends them over the top! One thing King Wok gets right is their breaded chicken dishes; the batter is fresh and crisp even with the sauce. King Wok fries the battered chicken dishes to order and they always come out hot. King Wok is also known for their seafood; there are fish tanks with live fish and shellfish along the back wall. There has been a trend lately with Chinese restaurants offering fried rice instead of white rice with the meals. This fried rice is not like it used to be containing a splash of soy sauce and scant pieces of scrambled eggs. I miss good fried rice! King Wok has an extensive selection of good vegetarian dishes as well.

The best thing about King Wok is their traditional menu or “Chef’s Specialties menu”. On the Chef’s Specialtie Menu you will find dishes made of beef tendon, pork intestine, lamb, dried fish and one of my favorites, “Beef with Little Chili”. The “Szechuan Beef Tendon” is a close second being served in a hot pot with a sterno flame underneath.

Overall I like King Wok, the prices are excellent for the large portion sizes and you get quite a bit of food with their lunch specials. I highly recommend King Wok.


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