Great Sea Chinese Restaurant Chicago, IL Review

The specialty of the house. Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings. You will see these on every table. Spicy Garlic Shrimp also pictured.

Great Sea Chinese Restaurant Review (773) 478-9129

3254 W Lawrence Ave

Chicago IL 60625

(Between Sawyer & Spaulding Ave)

On street parking


Great Sea’s  Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings are one of the best foods Chicago has to offer.

Located on the north side of Chicago in what I think may be highest concentration of exceptional family owned restaurants. One can find Korean, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Cambodian, Polish, Vietnamese, Mexican, Swedish and many more. Not a terrible neighborhood but you may want to raise your situation awareness and secure valuables in the trunk. And yes….The food is worth it. The store front and sign are very unassuming. I remember driving by this place for years before being told about them. I brought a friend of mine here in the winter on a Saturday night around 7 PM. When we opened the door we saw 15 people crammed into the (no man’s land) area between the two doors. The restaurant was full with both Chinese and as well as American patrons. There were also some local Latin Kings from Lawrence & Kedzie. My buddy Jacob said, “I would have never thought there would be this many people in this small restaurant”. He figured it out once he tasted the food. One look around the room and you know exactly what to order. On every table there is at least one order of the Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings.

Restaurant Tip: Look around at the other tables; you will more than likely discover what the best things are on the menu!

The Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings are fried crisp and coated in a heavenly sweet spicy garlic glaze. It’s fun to watch people try them for the first time; they have this look like they’re hearing angels sing. The other food at Great Sea is fabulous as well but they are known for their wings. My Korean friend buys them in bulk and freezes them for a trip back to Atlanta….. Every time he comes to Chicago! That speaks volumes. This time I tried a black noodle dish that I saw on someone else’s table; they even offered to let me try it. I also tried the Hot & Spicy Shrimp coated in the same glaze as the Chicken. I think I liked the shrimp a little better in the picture above. The prices are not too bad and the dining room is small. The staff does a good job of turning over tables and keeping wait times to a minimum. I would also like to say to people that have finished their meals and see 15-20 people waiting for a table; “get your ass up and let the people waiting have a table!”  It’s called etiquette and consideration. Service is hit or miss with language barrier being a contributing factor. Parking sucks and the neighborhood is not too bad. Most of the best restaurants are in marginal areas. If you want great food, sometimes you have to be adventurous. Most of my truly memorable meals were in bad neighborhoods or third world countries.

Great Sea Chinese Restaurant is on my Top Ten Restaurant List; it’s places like this that make cities great. So next time you think PF Chang’s is a good call; think again and discover the real Chicago restaurants!


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