Cho Sun Ok Korean Restaurant; Chicago, IL

Spicy Octopus (Nakji Bokkeum)

Cho Sun Ok by Jim Brown

(773) 549-5555

4200 N. Lincoln Ave  Chicago, IL 60618


On street parking




Korean barbeque and home cooking doesn’t get much better (or cheaper) than in this tiny storefront, with the same owner for at least the 20 or more years we’ve been visiting it. Take a party of four or more and cook at your table. Excellent kim chee in multiple varieties and flavors (cold vegetables pickled in hot spicy brine). It’s hard to pass up the Dyae gi gui (grilled strips of spicy marinated pork) — but then there’s the excellent Duk man du (Korean dumpling and rice cake in mild delicate soup), or Bi bim bap (rice topped with spicy sauce, beef, variety of vegetables and fried egg) which my wife nearly always orders. It’s hard to spend more than $12 per person here without having to carry something home. No liquor license, so bring your own beer or wine. Smoking is permitted, but it’s not usually a problem.


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2 thoughts on “Cho Sun Ok Korean Restaurant; Chicago, IL

  1. Anonymous October 16, 2012 at 8:54 am Reply

    been here several times, 1st time was over 35 yrs ago.

  2. […] was blatant racism and stereotyping. Once again it is confirmed that I have to drive 350 miles to Cho Sun OK in Chicago for good Korean food. Or… Make it myself! I highly recommend avoiding Chung […]

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