Sirloin Tip Roast with Oven Browned Vegetables

Sirloin Tip Roast cooked exactly the way I like it!

Sirloin Tip Roast with Oven Browned Vegetables


3-5 Pound Sirloin Tip Roast, rump or round round roast

2 pounds Idaho potatoes wedged

1 pound carrots cut in half peeled or unpealed

2 onions quartered

5 ribs celery cut in half

1 whole bulb garlic with outer skin pealed off

Salt & pepper

The Roast & Vegetables

In a large roasting pan combine all ingredients except the roast and drizzle with olive oil. With your hands toss and mix all vegetables to coat with oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and mix again. Put the roasting pan with vegetables in a 350 degree oven uncovered for 30 minutes. Coat the roast with olive oil and rub all over. Sprinkle with salt & pepper on all sides.  Make sure you take the roast out of the refrigerator at least an hour or up to 2 hours before cooking. This will allow for even cooking.

After your vegetables have cooked for 30 minutes uncovered, take out the pan and place the roast in the center of the pan moving the vegetables to the side. Cover the roasting pan, reduce the heat to 325 and cook for 1 hour. Take out the roasting pan after an hour to rotate (turn over) the roast and remove the head of garlic. With a meat thermometer check for temperature. I shoot for 135 in the center of the roast. This is the ideal temperature to remove for medium rare. Your roast should not be done at this point. My roast was about 110 degrees at the 1 hour point. This will differ depending on the size. You really need to do this quickly so the roast doesn’t begin to cool. At this point I insert a remote thermometer into the side of the roast to reach the center. Place the roast uncovered back into the oven until you reach 135-140 or your desired temperature. Beef roasts typically become tough after 135-140 degrees. Bring the thermometer with you until the temperature reads 135. Remove the roast to a bowl and cover with foil. The roast will expel a little juice, use this in the gravy. Put the vegetables back into the oven for 30 more minutes and raise the heat to 350 or 375; this will brown the vegetables. Remove the vegetables to a covered dish. There should be some liquid left in the roasting pan. If not add a little hot water and scrape drippings off the bottom of the pan. Pour the liquid from the pan into your gravy; This is not an option. The flavor from the roast and vegetables is essential to the gravy’s flavor.

The Gravy


Beef base or bouillon  (Miners Brand)

1-2 sprigs fresh thyme or 1/2 tsp dried

4 cups of water

1 head roasted garlic

Cracked pepper to taste.

6 tbsp corn starch with half cup of water mixed well.

Tip: The corn starch will settle in the water very quickly making it necessary to mix well before adding to broth every time!

In a sauce pan squeeze roasted garlic into the 4 cups of water and beef base. I used about one and one half tablespoons. Add the base in increments until you reach the desired flavor. Use 1 bouillon cube per cup of water. Turn up the heat to just under medium and let cook for 30 minutes uncovered. Remove the sprigs of thyme and add your corn starch water mixture. Make sure you stir the corn starch and water before adding a little at a time until thickened. Add juices from the roasting pan and bowl where the roast is resting. More corn starch may be needed to thicken the broth or just turn up the heat and let it cook off. You will need to stir constantly at this point. The roasted garlic makes this gravy “Over The Top”!

Slice the roast thin and ladle gravy over the beef and vegetables. Some nice bread or dinner rolls are a must to soak up the gravy.

This was the best roast I have ever made. Enjoy!


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